"Because if I did anything to her, then I’m a monster.”


Petition to ban old men from writing books just because they don’t know how to use an iPhone

who said they don't like women on the set? jared who?

jared padalecki

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A great explanation as to why everyone is pissed off by  dubiousculturalartifact 


I had a devil of a good time at San Diego Comic Con.


[clicks on a person’s url to see how they’re doing after being dragged on their own post]

"I find that the only way to get through life is to picture myself in an entirely disconnected reality. I often imagine how people wold react to my death. "
Submarine (2010) | Dir. Richard Ayoade

tom: i promise i’m never doing that again.
nicole: that needs to be a gif. [x]


re: his character in ‘The F Word’ x


i don’t mean to brag or anything, but the 7th harry potter book was dedicated to me